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III. Károly koronázása marketing nagy-britannia coronation of Charles III great britain

The coronation of Charles III from a marketing perspective

When we talk about England or the United Kingdom, one of the first things that comes up is surely the institution of monarchy and. The coronation of Charles III is a special event anyway. For most of us, Elizabeth II has been the British monarch all our lives. There have been many aspects of the event that have been examined, but we will add a perhaps slightly different and new perspective to the picture.

The coronation of Charles III is a historic event. It is a sacred, public and social event, but also a huge business. Not only because of the memorabilia sold, of course, but also because of the overnight stays booked in London (and the surrounding area) over the weekend. Not even in the sense that there was almost nowhere in the world during the televised coverage that you couldn’t follow it live. Numerous TV channels (in several countries more at the same time!) and internet portals and streaming sites gave a glimpse of the event. Sitting on your sofa at home, you could see more of it than an invited guest.

Everybody talks about them

It’s natural that an event like this generates a topic. But the coronation of Charles III is also an excellent event to shape the image of the country. It could have been a historical event, several hours in the past. It could convey the image of something left over from the past century, something that does not fit in at all with the present. A Britain that has still not made it into the 21st century, with barons, earls and kings shunning each other. Instead we have an environmentally friendly, sustainable and non-wasteful – at royal level – minimalist ceremony. With reused equipment, but with one very important addition. They were able to guarantee safety for all at a coronation attended by two thousand guests (and many more). So, if you go to London, you will find security. Britain is strong, secure and has been here for a thousand years and will be here for a thousand more. And these are very important attributes for positioning.

III. Károly koronázása marketing nagy-britannia

Britannia Inc.

Charles III is a monarch, but also a husband, father and grandfather. These were all important parts of the image he presented at his coronation. Changing the image of the King is a very fascinating subject anyway, and many marketers have invested a lot of work in it. And we have now reached a point where the public’s perception of his role is positive. His son, Prince William of Wales was second in line to be sworn by, his grandson, Prince George of Wales, holding his mantle, and his wife, Camilla, at his side throughout the ceremony. Perhaps even more interestingly, his granddaughter Princess Charlotte of Wales is expected to add $5 million to the British economy in her lifetime, although this estimate is now five years old. Now eight years old, the princess is even more ‘valuable’ than her siblings, as the future king, Prince George, will generate ‘only’ $2.7 million. The reason why is simple: Princess Charlotte will be a fashion icon in the eyes of the British people. If not already. 

How much will the monarchy bring?

A common question is whether a king or queen is out of date as head of state. Opponents say they are no more than any other citizen, yet they are treated differently by birthright. Narrowed down to Britain, every pound of the coronation was paid for by the taxpayer! Is it all worth it? Wouldn’t it be easier to continue with a president of the republic elected every four or five years? Well, certainly not from a marketing point of view. As we began, one of the important features of Britain is the royal family. Many people travel to London just to see them, and as the Netflix series or Prince Harry’s book proves, people are interested in their lives. We would like to know a little more about them and understand their world better. Probably our upbringing has something to do with it, because fairy tales are about beautiful princesses and kindly kings. And here, it’s not a fairy tale, but a tangible reality. And a lot of tourists want a piece of that. 

III. Károly koronázása marketing nagy-britannia

Let's convert it into money!

If you’ve ever bought media, you know that a single ad on a national TV channel can eat up huge amounts of money. Especially if you’re a small business. By comparison, the coronation of Charles III lasted 5 hours and, as mentioned above, there was even competition for viewers between channels in different countries. It was a prestigious event to broadcast the coronation, as the light of the event would shine on all those who attended. You’re thinking that’s obviously why we wrote about it. Well, it’s obviously important for us to talk about things that interest our followers. At the same time, a lot of marketing concepts became eye-catching thanks to this event. You can see, for example, what makes something valuable, what a huge impact image transfer or image can have. For example, the crown works like a logo or slogan.

The coronation of Charles III as a collective memory

It has been said a thousand times that there has not been a similar event for 70 years. It will probably be in everyone’s memory, and we will be able to tell, even decades later, where we were and with whom we were when it happened. We were all part of a community for a few hours and we could even envy the British. As well as the official part itself being an everlasting memory for many, there was a concert on Sunday evening. Of course, this was also available on several TV channels and online streaming. And the performers did not necessarily reflect the King’s personal taste. Take That, Katy Perry or Nicole Scherzinger were probably more likely to appeal to the masses. In other words, the King is not trying to impose himself on them, but to serve his people (as he said in his oath). So there are many ways for everyone to get their share of the experience. This reinforces the power and value of the brand, or the kingdom.

Theme for weeks (or even longer)

The details, the clothes, the little things, the bloopers, the facial expressions. All themes that can generate clicks and page sales for weeks to come. So the hungry masses are available. Everyone wants to know about the small, invisible events, what’s happening in the corridors and everything else. The aforementioned Netflix also had the good sense to put out a series on Friday about – surprisingly – a British monarch. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the year, wherever you look. And if you can relate to it, you will. It shows just how high profile it is. And they keep the snowball rolling that keeps the brand alive and perpetuating.

III. Károly koronázása marketing nagy-britannia

In closing

Who has a hammer sees everything as a nail. And a marketer looks for its imprint in everything. It’s only natural that this post was born, as the coronation of Charles III has an impact on all our lives (and therefore businesses). Some directly, many more indirectly. For me, perhaps the most important part was that, as a monarch, he also drew attention to the environment through his coronation. Sustainability, renewal, regionalism and charity. Setting an example that it is possible to pay attention to these aspects at one of the world’s largest events requiring organisation, which means that I can do the same in my own life. As well as being active, valuable and formative members of the community to which we belong. Whether by our actions or by our personal example.