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Marketing consultation

Marketing consultation

Marketing consultation tailored to your business

In a business’ lifetime, there will be several hard times. If you feel you are stuck or see room for improvements, that’s okay. But now it’s time to get unstuck. A marketing consultation is the best way or catching up with new marketing trends A SEO consultant also provides insights into how your website’s SEO could be improved.

Marketing constultation

Marketing consultation is always useful

We are not magicians and marketing consultation doesn’t create miracles. It’s unlikely that you’ll double your income because of something we’ve advised. However, it will improve your marketing and that will bring increased profits. It might be only 10%, but with your new knowledge you will earn that 10% more from now on. Even if you make a million a year, that one hundred thousand extra sounds good, doesn’t it?

How a SEO consultant can help you

As well as offering general marketing consultation, we have consultants with industry experience of SEO as well. A SEO consultant will look your website up and assess how well you are using the possibilities of search engine optimisation. You will receive a more detailed insight than you get with automatised reports, since more and even newly adjusted factors can be considered. A SEO consultant can give you the best advice to rank #1 in search engines and help you to recognise how to correct your SEO marketing mistakes.

Marketing consultation is for you if

  • you are not sure what advertising methods you should use
  • you feel your business still has untapped potential
  • you would like to get your brand noticed
  • you would like your marketing to be cost effective and get results
  • you are running out of ideas on how to communicate with your audience
Marketing consultation

We work with you together step-by-step


Once you have contacted us, we examine your business’ online and offline marketing presence.


We sit down with you to determine the goals that you want to achieve.


If you have an ongoing or completed campaign, we analyse the results. If you haven’t ran any campaigns yet, we brainstorm ideas on how to make your business visible.


We create a comprehensible action plan along with a list of tips and tools.


We keep in touch to assess how the action plan’s is progressing.


We constantly analyse and check the results and implement changes if necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a marketing consultation session?

A typical session takes about an hour. However, that might vary depending on your business’ size and your preferences. Whether you prefer a one-time consultation sprint during an afternoon, or one-hour consultations on a weekly basis, we will work according to your preferences. If you have no preferences, we will suggest the way we think would be most beneficial to you.

What will the session look like?

It is up to you. If you do not want to travel, we can do an online meeting. If you like the atmosphere of coffee shops and you feel more productive there, we will be happy to join you for a coffee.

What is to lose?

Nothing. We promise. The first hour is free of charge. After that you can decide whether you want to collaborate with us. Maybe you only need an hour-long consultation to get enough inspiration to continue with your marketing. It’s a win-win situation. You receive what you want, and we can help somebody.