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Texts that convert start with copywriting

Copywriting seems easy… until you start doing it. Writing seems easy… until you start editing it. A good copy helps you to stand out from the crowd. A good copy doesn’t have to be stuffed with lengthy explanations; instead it should communicate in the simplest way. SEO copywriting helps people find you. Content marketing helps people better understand your brand.


When it comes to content marketing, simplicity sells

The simplest ads are the ones that everyone remembers. Just do it. You could write this too, couldn’t you? Even a ten-year-old could do this. That’s where copywriting starts. Reaching your audience with a message that they understand. Get a copywriter, understand your audience, get noticed.


SEO copywriting - the one-time investment of marketers

Need text for your website? Want to rank among the first results in Google? If so, you need SEO copywriting. Getting your website noticed with the chosen keywords might take a month or so. However, SEO copywriting is a dealbreaker. It is a one-time investment, a passive source of income.
If you do your SEO copywriting well, you’ll only need to do it once. If you rank #1 on Google, you will have a constant stream where clients will find you. It will not sell your idea, nor your products, but SEO copywriting will help you to get noticed without you even having to lift a finger.

Your website reflects your project’s messages and values. It is a place where your customers, clients, public audience and even journalists should find the information they are looking for. It is especially important that landing pages are well-written in a way that converts well.

The landing page’s aim is to convert your audience into customers. You can drive traffic to your landing page from Google ads or even from your social media posts. When it comes to marketing, your website is key, but it is the landing page in particular that drives sales.

Having a blog on your website helps you get noticed by providing useful information about your products and services. Blogposts answer questions that customers and clients may have, such as ‘how much will this cost’ or ‘what to do when this happens.’ Blogposts are where SEO copywriting really does its job.

PR articles help you show readers that you are an industry leader. By getting noticed in their favourite news media, either online or offline, you build an affiliation with your audience and confidence in your brand. We write ethically, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

A regular newsletter helps you let your audience know what you’re doing. It lets them know, for example, when you are introducing a new product or feature, launching a campaign, or sending coupons to your loyal clients. Copywriting gets the job done, resulting in high open rates.

Social media is all about content marketing. Instagram is about pictures, but pictures also may have text on them. You must capture interest or you will lose your follower’s attention after only 8 seconds.

With Facebook, you can reach a middle-aged audience. If you have a brand or are a public figure, Facebook is a must. With content marketing you can spread your message with minimal effort. Your content can be easily adapted to Instagram as well.

When it comes to getting funding, you must be persuasive. You need a text, in which you present yourself well along with your achievements and your plans. You do not need to pay until you have received the funding.

When it comes to press materials there is no margin for error. Therefore, well-written and well-edited texts save time and printing costs. With our decades of experience with the press, trust us to improve your text and spot any potential spelling mistakes.


Here is why you need a good copy


Building trust


With well-written copies, we can build our audience’s trust. The secret to this is a good message delivered at the right time.


Increasing sales


A good copy sells; a better copy sells even more. By optimising your text content your campaigns and ads will be cost effective. You will be able to reach more people for less money.




People like to look behind the scenes. The more useful information you give to your audience about yourself, the more people will try to reach you. Have you ever tried to message your idol on Instagram? What if they replied? You see, people might want to reach you. Give them the chance to do so.