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How was your first day at AM Business and what was your first impression of this company?

I don’t think I even remember my first day. Not because it was uninteresting but because it is not possible to exactly pinpoint the moment where I could say right, this is the day we are starting marketing and writing texts. But I do remember very clearly our first order, we were just on our way to Munich and at one of the rest stops we received a request. It made the whole trip enjoyable; we could not believe somebody wanted to work with us. At first, we just set small goals and we were surprised to see us gradually achieve them.

What was your most memorable project?

Every project is unique, sometimes because it feels like it is tailor-made for us and at other times because even we don’t think something spectacular will come of it. We just keep brainstorming until we come up with something together. The most memorable for me, however, was working really hard on one project. In the end, we couldn’t submit it because the client did not meet our conditions. It was disappointing for us that all that work was wasted because the partner did not act correctly. Since then, we have been paying more attention to ensuring that something like this does not happen again.

What tasks do you perform and which ones do you like the most?

In the beginning, when Andris and I were working alone and the kitchen was our office, we did everything. I really liked that, too. Then, as the team expanded, everything fell into place, like pieces of a puzzle. Everyone gets the task that suits them the best because it doesn’t make sense for anyone to do something they don’t like or they can’t even do. Lately, I prefer to do tasks in the background that might not be quite as visible but are necessary from the organizational point of view. At the same time, if there is a fire that needs to be put out, I can quickly jump in and write a post or newsletter, or do proofreading. That’s when old memories come back and I really like that.

How will you remember this period of your life in ten years’ time?

In any case, the first thing that comes to my mind is that we have grown together exactly as it is written in the great book. We have progressed gradually, not with big steps but with perseverance. This, too, will remain unforgettable, that we managed to make the most progress during the pandemic, which, let’s be honest, is not exactly common.

What was your most unexpected task?

When Andris came up with the idea to do short videos. I thought, OK, we have a few ideas but we have no studio or professional equipment. And then we brainstormed and we realized that actually we did not need any of those things and that somehow, the topics always emerge – sometimes at the last minute. The videos are still produced today and they have never been more popular. I think that with this unexpected idea, Andris created something really great. And I threw myself into the process of editing and working with the camera, although not on a professional level.

How would you rate your team?

When someone applies for a job at our Company, we ask them to not only send us their CV but also write a text on a selected topic. I like to read those texts very much because you can learn a lot of things from them. I remember reading Lilla’s text and thinking that it felt as if I had written it myself. And Benji submitted a text which let me into his own world and it was really touching. At that moment, at point zero, we can already see if there is chemistry between us, whether that person fits in our team or not. Our situation is unique because we formed into a team during the COVID pandemic and lockdown. So we barely met in person. Despite that we feel as if we’ve known each other forever. Perhaps it’s because when we do meet in person, we spontaneously enjoy each other’s company. And that’s what makes our team great.