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How was your first day at AM Business and what was your first impression of this company?

It was exciting and a little bit scary, like any new situation. I found myself facing new challenges and I hoped I wouldn’t screw up from the beginning; I also hoped my new colleagues would not find me irritating right away. Luckily, the initial pressure quickly passed thanks to the inclusive and welcoming team. I quickly learned that each task is a small opportunity to spread my wings and any mistakes are just a stepping stone leading to a lesson learned.

What was your most memorable project?

I had the pleasure of participating in several unforgettable projects. I wrote my first text ever for a lavender farm owned by a family company so during my working hours I could wander in my mind through lavender fields in Provence and even get paid for it.

What tasks do you perform and which ones do you like the most?

My repertoire includes mainly writing of creative texts and SEO copywriting but occasionally also project writing and marketing. Creative copywriting is the closest to my heart but lately I have also been enthusiastic about searching and writing projects. I love that I can move within multiple task areas. It is exciting to have so many different ways to help the businesses that work with us to grow and develop and there is nothing better than when something tangible emerges from our combined efforts.

How will you remember this period of your life in ten years’ time?

With gratitude, nostalgically. AM Business is my first serious job and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Sometimes I even feel that they spoil me too much with increasingly ingenious quarterly bonuses, flexible working hours and an always understanding and accommodating approach. It allows me to learn a lot about myself and experience what it is like to be part of a great team.

What was your most unexpected task?

I don’t remember anything that would have caught me seriously off guard. Each task is a little different, exciting or demanding for different reasons, or it is a real challenge, so I’ve learned from the very beginning to keep an open mind. You never know whether your next text will cover tractors, coffee, scaffolding, lavender fields or maybe liquor, and that makes it great.

How would you rate your team?

We are like little cogs in a rotating, cheerfully moving machine in the digital marketing ether. The rigid hierarchy is completely alien to us and in our daily work it is important to us that each of us is a respected member of the team. If we were to give Andris and Réka the “Best Boss” mug every time they earned it, we would need a separate display case. Although Benji has been with us the shortest, it feels as if he were with the team from the beginning thanks to his strategic vision that is as sharp as a razor. Duties and jobs sometimes vary but mutual respect and love of cooperation are eternal.