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How was your first day at AM Business and what was your first impression of this company?

Actually, I had two first days: one when I started my summer internship in July and one when the Andrises decided to welcome me as a permanent team member. Thinking of the first one, I felt like a bird that could fly away with every movement. I mean this in a good way. Since the very beginning, there was clear communication between us; I had received one or two emails even before my internship started which really helped me tune to the team.

I remember on my first “working day” sitting in front of my computer and waiting for a response to my “OK, I’m here, what do I do”. I wrote my first work, Minority Kids, as a welcome to the Company. Then I came to realize that this was not a robotic job that lasted from morning to evening. I work in a way and at a time (by prior agreement, of course) that suits me.

Then, in September 2021, the situation was different. On my second first day I was already tuned to my work pace, I knew when they needed me and I started to dive more and more into digital marketing. At that time, I had already come up with my first suggestion for a keyword and the first thing I said at the time was: my Gosh, this will decide whether the phone rings and whether the customers come. The team received me well, we paid attention to each other’s needs and we were able to resolve all difficulties we had to face with flexibility.

What was your most memorable project?

Challenging and long. Over the last year, I dived quite deeply into the subject of agricultural machinery and I learned so much about it that I could easily discuss it with any farmer. I cannot pinpoint a single moment – rather, it’s a long process that is still ongoing now.

The most demanding part, in any case, was the preparation of the text for the website. What does a farmer want? And why does he want it? Those were the questions I needed to answer first. Then I had to find out the keywords a person would use to buy a new irrigation machine, for example.

Ten years ago, they could hardly order a field irrigation machine online. And this is what still affects the way we find clients for someone and what words we use to do that. They might only be interested in innovations in the area of irrigation technology and that’s where we can hit the nail on the head.

The most difficult part, however, was the text structure. First, I had to learn about the subject and the old text on the web shocked me greatly when I found out that it had more than a hundred thousand characters. Just to give you an idea, that is about a half of a decent novel. Then I had to decide which parts of the text that someone had spent long hours typing on a typewriter would be tossed. From what was left – and it was still 15 pages – I had to create a concept on the basis of which I would rewrite the text in such a way that the client’s client would understand and want to buy what the other was offering. I am not exaggerating when I say that for several days I spent 8 consecutive hours just writing and editing the text. The fact that the text was eventually approved and it is already up on the website still seems completely unbelievable to me today.

What tasks do you perform and which ones do you like the most?

In short, everything SEO related. Simply put, we do not actually have any precisely set scope of tasks, so I could test myself in each of them. However, we naturally feel what fits who the best and so we try to divide the tasks among ourselves. I mostly work in (bound) systems or rather I enjoy working in them. Therefore, if it is necessary to write text for some website, almost certainly this task will land on my desk. Likewise, when it comes to optimizing a site – under Andris’s supervision – I am second in line when it comes to the opinion in technical SEO audits. I also like PR articles, a rewarding genre. I am also in charge of one part of blogs which are often rich in educational content. In addition, if a system overview is required, they will reach out to me, too – so it often happens that our Trello is managed by me or I can also take a look at a request for proposals.

How will you remember this period of your life in ten years’ time?

I will certainly remember it as a period of development. If not for this opportunity, I probably wouldn’t be writing advertising or SEO texts todays. I am glad I have found a genre where I can combine strategic planning, writing and graphics and I can use them as a whole.

What was your most unexpected task?

Not a really unexpected task but an unexpected request. I was supposed to write a web text in a user friendly style. All the parts were completed, the client was happy and we received an order for further three pages. Andris asked me to continue the work according to the source document which was also the basis for the first part I wrote. The only problem was that there was actually no source text – at least I didn’t have it. In the end, the situation was resolved; the attachment that was lost somewhere along the way arrived and the task was completed successfully.

How would you rate your team?

In the past year, we all found our place and we all know what to do. Andris is a negotiator — he speaks to clients and also to us, Réka works in the background. When a new text or idea suddenly appears in Trello, I am sure that Réka is behind all that. I believe Lilla already maximized her ability to text on social media. I can bring strategic thinking when necessary. And together, we cover most of digital marketing and we can help each other whenever it is needed.