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About us

About us

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AM Business has been the preferred marketing partner of entrepreneurs since 2018. Since then we have been finding solutions for our clients when it comes to copywriting, marketing and consulting.

About us

We are one




Réka is like a mother to all of us in the company. She steps in to help when needed, but also observes and monitors what we are doing from the background. Simply put, she takes care of us. Her special ability is that no ad can affect her, so if she likes a campaign, you can be sure it will be a hit with your clients!



Copywriter – social media specialist

Even in kindergarten Lilla played with letters, even if back then it was only as playing cubes. It is therefore no surprise that she went on to become a copywriter. With her empathic attitude, she can transform your various feelings into impressive texts. From words, she can then weave a professional marketing web, which will catch your client’s attention.



COO – marketing specialist

If you need a way to get your message across, Andris will find the best way. Our clients say that he communicates in a professional way. In school, he got warnings and was reprimanded for his texts and ideas, now he gets paid for them! As well as clearly having the gift of the gab, he is a hard-working assistant, negotiator, and co-owner.



Copywriter – SEO expert

Benji’s main tool is strategic planning, while his genres are language and privacy. Sometimes the two can combine, like in this blog about how Facebook enslaves a fictional granny. He uses his skills in every aspect of our work, but SEO is his strong point. When everybody else is struggling for a good idea for your website, you can always count on Benji.

About us

Our values

We are client centred. We let our clients know about every change and update. We let you know what steps we will be taking next, so there’s no surprises.

Marketing is constantly evolving. If Facebook were to shut down tomorrow, we would have to adapt all our clients’ campaigns. We follow the new trends and updates, constantly updating the strategic plans as we go on.

We strive for the best possible results. We work with platforms and methods that have a proven track record. You don’t have to be afraid that we will test out something new in your campaigns. We work on your business as if it were our own.

About us

How we work in AM Business

About us



The first step, the desire for marketing, comes from the client. We then assess as precisely as possible what we need to do, what the goal is and when we should achieve this by.

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Once we have a clear goal, we plan our next steps. No matter how small a task may be, we make a concrete plan. We take into consideration factors that others would not. We make a plan that satisfies all parties.

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In this phase we see our well-prepared plan come to fruition. We are proactive and work with a pace and methods that ensure real results. We often finish projects earlier than expected.

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Monitoring of progress and results


We constantly check the results. This allows us to adjust the campaign if needed. This means that we can prevent wasting money on low return campaigns.

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We understand marketing metrics and jargon, but don’t expect you to. We therefore regularly report on how things are going with language that everyone understands.

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Final check


Once we finish with the project, we provide feedback about the project, how we could work with and what the expectations for the future are. Our clients can also review our work and provide feedback for future collaborations.